Pitney Bowes (PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, announced that American Family Insurance, the nation's third-largest mutual property and casualty insurance company, is deploying Pitney Bowes’ EngageOne Video technology to enhance the company’s client engagement strategy.

The company selected Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video, a software solution designed to create interactive and personalized video experiences to enhance customer loyalty, improve the new customer onboarding process, and to strengthen the overall customer engagement experience.

EngageOne Video will be used with new customers to explain an individual’s selected policy and coverage areas outlined within those policies. New customers will receive a personalized video offering information relevant to their individual policy, and will have the ability to self-navigate through the video to receive additional information to answer their questions or concerns.

Existing customers who are due for renewal will also have access to EngageOne Video. These customers will receive an interactive video that reviews their current policy selection and presents additional coverage options that may meet the customer’s changing needs.

"We are thrilled American Family will be expanding their longstanding partnership with us," says Andy Berry, Vice President of Software Solutions, Pitney Bowes.

"With EngageOne Video, American Family will be able to communicate all aspects of an individual’s coverage in a way that is accessible and targeted to each customer’s information needs. This will improve understanding and create more meaningful and satisfying customer experiences and engagement."

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