American Equity Investment Life Insurance has introduced new crediting method and lifetime income benefit payout.

The new crediting method Volatility Control, which is available on top selling index products, connects to the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Daily Risk Control 5% Index.

The method has been designed to offer increased stability and control based on the returns of S&P companies with 25 consecutive years of increasing dividends.

American Equity Investment Life Insurance president Ron Grensteiner said the new method is one of many crediting methods available in firm’s fixed indexed annuities.

"Many people look to us for their retirement future. That is a trust we hold dear, and because of that we work to offer a variety of options that suit the needs and wants of our contract owners," Grensteiner added.

The company also introduced gender-based payout fact on its Lifetime Income Benefit Rider.

American Equity senior vice-president and CEO Kirby Wood said the guaranteed lifetime income stream is of paramount importance at the company.

"Americans are living longer, healthier lives and we aim to provide products that are reflective of that fact, so we can help contract owners outlive their worries and not their money," Wood added.