To speed up the delivery of new business software

Allied North America Insurance, an insurance brokerage focused on the construction industry, has adopted iRise to speed up the delivery of new business software.

One of the initial projects visualised with iRise was a system used by clients and employees to automate the issuing and tracking of many certificates of insurance for construction projects. The project was delivered 40% faster than with traditional requirements methods, which has driven Allied now to adopt iRise on a broad range of new projects.

Prior to the use of iRise, new applications were defined with text documents, static screen shots and use case diagrams. The business stakeholders struggled to imagine how the final application might look and behave, leading to confusion, rework and delays.

Allied North America’s training team, acting as business analysts for the certificates of insurance project, adopted visualisation from iRise as a strategy to put functional, immersive previews into the hands of the business stakeholders, taking the guesswork out of the requirements process.

Lauren Saverino, director of training and development for Allied, said: “Using the visualisation as a guide, our development team had complete confidence in what they were building. Our business users were stunned with the improvement; the feedback we received was incredibly valuable and the whole process was accelerated.”

iRise is a provider of enterprise visualisation software for business applications.