Allianz Insurance has announced that it is increasing premiums by 30% for motorists with convictions for using a mobile phone while driving.

In the past, drivers with a conviction for using a mobile phone while driving had their premium increased in line with motorists with a routine speeding conviction. Allianz is now treating mobile phone use convictions in the same manner as a conviction for careless driving and increasing premium levels accordingly.

In a survey conducted by Allianz Insurance of 3,000 motorists, 56% said they saw someone using a mobile phone while driving every day. An honest 10% admitted they have used a mobile phone while driving without using a hands-free kit.

Neil Walker, motor manager of Allianz Insurance, said: Increasing premiums for drivers with mobile phone convictions reinforces the fact that this is a dangerous and needless act. If you are convicted of using a mobile phone while driving, not only do you face a fine and points on your licence, you will also suffer the added financial burden of increased motor insurance.