Fireman's Fund, a member of the Allianz Group and a property and casualty insurance firm that offers green insurance to the US commercial marketplace, has launched new green insurance endorsements that expands coverage and allows policyholders to tailor solutions to better meet their needs.

The insurance company has said that to help protect property owners’ investments, it has introduced Green Financial Incentive Coverage to provide protection for incentives impacting taxes, utilities, loans and more related to green installations or upgrades. The new fund will cover any losses for two calendar years.

Fireman’s Fund’s endorsements contain several additional enhancements, including broadening eligibility for post-loss green upgrade to include all real and personal property that more efficiently uses energy or water, improves human health or reduces the impact on the environment.

The enhanced fund combines Fireman’s three commercial and one manufacturing into a single endorsement, making it easier to use and which includes building commissioning and test and balance automatically as an extension of coverage.

Other enhancements include coverage for green certified buildings, vegetated roof coverage extended to vegetated swales and other vegetation that reduces heat, and coverage extended to include porous paving water permeable paving that allows water to drain into the ground to help manage water flow.

Stephen Bushnell, senior director of emerging industries at Fireman’s Fund, said: We’ve developed a deeper understanding of evolving green building construction and insurance issues and incorporated that into our new offerings to better meet our customers needs.

Whether customers have built green commercial buildings, made green renovations to existing buildings or want to rebuild green in the event of a loss, Fireman’s Fund provides solutions to protect both financial and environmental investments.