Allianz Worldwide Care has introduced an array of deductibles for its individual healthcare plans alongside new online support tools in an effort to improve customer service, following its annual product review.

Newly added deductibles for its Core Plans, which primarily cover in-patient treatment for individuals, will provide policyholders with enhanced flexibility and choice while selecting the combination of healthcare plans and options according to their specific requirements.

Ranging from €450 to €10,000, the deductibles will lower the member’s Core Plan premium, with the highest deductible option corresponding to a premium discount of up to 60%.

The company has added new health and wellness resources the Health and Wellbeing section of the Allianz Worldwide Care website that offers information and tools to support clients in terms of managing their health.

Resources include access to health risk assessments, stress and weight management advice, assistance on quitting smoking, advice about sleeping well as well as tips on fitness and nutrition.

Allianz Worldwide Care Marketing and Client Management head Susan Landers said the company’s ability to proactively monitor and manage the medical treatment and associated services’ cost enables it to provide competitive premiums together with enhanced customer service.

The company’s annual product review includes a comprehensive analysis of its healthcare premiums.