Allianz Life Insurance (Allianz Life) has introduced a new fixed index annuity (FIA) for field marketing organizations, broker/dealers, and agents associated with the Allianz Preferred platform.

Allianz Life chief distribution officer Tom Burns said that the company continues to provide products to increase income in retirement for customers.

The Allianz 222 Annuity provides integral benefits to help power retirement income as well as choices for protection and flexibility.

Allianz Life Insurance of North Sales senior vice president Eric Thomes said, "Allianz 360 Annuity focuses on opportunity, Allianz 365i Annuity offers guarantees and opportunity, and Allianz 222 is a versatile solution that provides flexibility and the potential for bonuses and income increases."

The new FIA provides protected income value bonuses, increases lifetime withdrawal income as well as provide two death benefits options for beneficiaries.

Additionally, it provides traditional annuity benefits including accumulation potential through indexed or fixed interest, principal protection and tax deferral.