Allianz Life claims to have built new solution on three core pillars of risk management solutions, advanced strategies and planning and technology and platforms


Allianz headquarters in Munich. (Credit:

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz Life) has announced the launch of Allianz Advisory Solutions to expand its advisory channel services.

Allianz Advisory Solutions is an expanded suite of products and services developed specifically for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to strengthen their risk management capabilities.

Allianz Advisory Solutions is claimed to have been built on three core pillars which include risk management solutions, advanced strategies and planning and technology and platforms.

Allianz Advisory Solutions is specifically suited for Registered Investment Advisors

Under risk management solutions, Allianz Life offers a growing suite of risk management strategies that help advisors to efficiently plan for longevity, address portfolio volatility and support them to improve quantifiable financial outcomes for clients.

The products offered under risk management solutions include annuities, life insurance and AllianzIM Buffered Outcome ETFs.

Under advanced strategies and planning, a full range of support has been designed to help advisors to address the uncertainties and risks associated with increasingly challenging markets.

The insurer has added a team of fintech and advanced planning strategists to help RIAs in delivering wide-ranging financial planning capabilities to their clients.

Services offered under this pillar include helping advisors model annuities in popular planning software to addressing complex cases on tax rules and new legislation, Social Security and estate planning.

The technology and platforms pillar has been designed to help advisors seamlessly implement risk management into their planning and investment ecosystem, by providing them with tech support and to guide them in establishing direct data feeds with several of the largest platforms in the industry.

The German insurer has also partnered with Halo, LifeYield and Vestwell through the Allianz Ventures program, providing access to leading-edge knowledge, tools and capabilities in the financial industry.

Allianz Advisory Solutions will be led by Allianz Life advisory and strategic accounts senior vice president Heather Kelly

Kelly said: “We built Allianz Advisory Solutions to help advisors address some of the most important practice management challenges they are facing today, including the mitigation of risk associated with retirement planning.

“This trifecta of products, services and technology, all supported by our strategic partnerships, is truly a platform for advisors that will not only help them demonstrate the value of risk management to their clients, but also, enhance the value they deliver to clients and build a more sustainable practice for the long-term. With Allianz Advisory Solutions, we are truly meeting advisors where they live.”