Allianz Legal Protection (ALP), part of the retail division of Allianz Insurance, has established a new business partnership with 5R1 Claims, a claims management company specializing in clinical negligence.

Under this arrangement with 5R1, ALP is the preferred provider of ATE cover to its panel of specialist clinical negligence solicitor firms.

ALP provides coverage on a delegated authority basis, to the panel firms who will be appointed on the basis of their expertise and experience in this field.

Using a team of medically and legally-trained operators, 5R1 offers a tailored advice and guidance service to patients who may have grounds for a complaint about their healthcare treatment or who have potential grounds for a claim.

Through this partnership, the 5R1 claimants can benefit from the combination of the expert knowledge and expertise of the specialist clinical negligence solicitors and the protection afforded by the policy and underwriting skills of Allianz Legal Protection.

5R1 director Sajid Hussain said Allianz Legal Protection’s financial strength, stability and commitment to providing innovative ATE solutions in the ever-changing personal injury landscape, makes them an ideal partner for 5R1 Claims and the ideal ATE provider for clinical negligence claimants.