Travel insurance and travel assistance provider Allianz Global Assistance has launched the Android version of its innovative and enhanced smartphone app for travelers.

The Apple version has been available since May.

The TravelSmart mobile app now provides travelers with real time flight information, important medical resources, international emergency numbers, access to travel insurance information and one touch dialing to reach travel assistance and customer service.

New features in Version 2.0 of the TravelSmart app include:

Access to Allianz Travel Insurance policies, including the ability to store policies and review coverage and benefits at the traveler's convenience. Once a policy is stored, it can be reviewed without internet access. Travelers can also use the app to manage their policy including the ability to change the dates of their policy to correspond with a new itinerary.

Real Time Flight Status Tracking allows app users to track their flight either by entering their flight number or by using the search function. The app provides on-time status and gate information.

A database that allows travelers to find the closest Allianz-reviewed healthcare provider and view the phone number, address and website. The database includes 2,000 hospitals in 129 countries. The healthcare facilities in the database have been reviewed for travelers by Allianz Global Assistance.

A country information database that includes three digit emergency phone numbers for 200 foreign destinations. The list includes countries from Afghanistan (119) to Zimbabwe (999). Each country listed also includes a link to the country's Wikipedia entry.

A Medication Dictionary allows users to store a photo of their prescription label and find international names for common drugs. These features make refilling prescriptions faster and easier while traveling.

A First Aid Terms Translation feature provides translations for common illnesses, injuries and first aid needs. Describing an urgent situation accurately is an important factor in receiving an immediate and appropriate response.

The TravelSmart Hotline button on the home screen allows travelers to reach Allianz Global Assistance medical assistance or customer service from anywhere in the world.

Allianz Global Assistance USA chief marketing officer Joe Mason said: "The TravelSmart app solves a number of important issues that consumers face when traveling abroad.

"Now anyone can use their smartphone to quickly and easily navigate first aid and medical issues and reach our travel assistance department with the touch of a button."