PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia has debuted an assortment of three new micro-insurance policies comprising life, house and health insurance, for low-income people.

Allianz Life Indonesia vice president director Handojo Kusuma was quoted by The Jakarta Post as saying "We plan to sell the three new products through various micro-economic agencies [LKM] throughout Indonesia."

"If our strategy is successful, we will consider selling our products in minimarkets," Kusuma added.

From the sale of the new insurance product, the insurance conglomerate anticiaptes to get approximately IDR70bn ($364m) in total insurance premiums during 2013.

Following careful assessment of the products’ sales through the LKM, the firm will only market its plans in minimarkets, according to the underwriter.

"If we offer the products in minimarkets and they don’t sell, it would obviously hurt our reputation. So we need to be careful," Handojo said.

"For low-income families in developing countries, micro-insurance is a means of managing the risks associated with natural disasters, accidents and illness," the company said in a statement on its website.

Allianz Life Indonesia emerging consumers business unit head Edi Yoga Prasetyo told the news portal that the firm was mainly targeting people with a monthly income of less than IDR2.2m ($m).

"Because of this, only a few people include insurance products in their expenses. People don’t wake up and decide to buy insurance products. They do so after they are prompted by promotional and marketing programs," Prasetyo said.

Now, the company has decided to develop programs to inform and educate people about the benefits of micro-insurance products.

"We will also train our sales agents how to inform people about the benefits of micro-insurance because as our partners, they play a vital role in marketing our products," he said.