AIR Worldwide, a provider of risk modeling software and consulting services, has launched Version 12.0 of AIR Hurricane Model for the US, which includes updates to hazard and vulnerability components of model that incorporate the latest science, data, and detailed claims information from recent storms to provide a better view of US hurricane risk.

According to AIR, along with certification by Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology, the updated model was also reviewed by three other hurricane researchers and six wind engineers.

The new AIR Hurricane Model for the US is currently available in Version 12.0 of CLASIC/2, CATRADER, and CATStation catastrophe risk management systems.

Th features of new Version 12.0 includes: updates to the AIR Tropical Cyclone Model for Caribbean, AIR US Hurricane Model for Offshore Assets, AIR Extratropical Cyclone Model for Europe, AIR Tropical Cyclone Model for Mexico, and AIR Earthquake Model for the US; support for 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows XP; and reporting module updates.

Peter Dailey, assistant vice president and director of atmospheric science at AIR, said: “The Version 12.0 update to the AIR US hurricane model incorporates enhancements that encompass virtually every component of the model.

“The update sets a new standard for the industry by providing a more complete view of US hurricane risk and a significantly better method for differentiating the risk to properties based on such factors as geography, construction, occupancy, year built, and individual building characteristics.”