American International Group has consolidated its general insurance claims operations and named Charles Schader, its senior vice president of claims, to the newly created position of chief claims officer for general insurance.

Mr Schader will be responsible for both American International Group (AIG) foreign general insurance and AIG property casualty group claims operations. He will report to Nicholas Walsh, AIG executive vice president for foreign general insurance, and Kristian Moor, AIG executive vice president, and president and CEO of AIG property casualty group.

Mr Schader joined AIG in 1984 and held positions in litigation, excess liability, toxic tort, environmental, and management and professional liability claims for AIG’s American Home Assurance Company, AIG executive liability and AIG technical services. He was elected AIG senior vice president of claims in 2000.

Mr Schader is a graduate of Dartmouth College and holds Juris Doctor and LLM degrees from the New York University School of Law.

Peter Aiena, executive vice president of foreign general claims for American International Underwriters (AIU), will continue in his current role and report to Mr Walsh and Mr Schader. AIU is the marketing unit for AIG’s overseas property-casualty operations.

Mr Aiena began his career with AIU in 1992 as regional vice president for claims in the Far East region. In 1998, he was named AIU senior vice president for foreign general claims. He is a graduate of the University of New Orleans.

James Porcari, president of domestic personal lines claims, will continue in his current role and report to Kevin Kelley, AIG senior vice president and president of domestic personal lines, and to Mr Schader.

Mr Porcari joined AIG in 2002, and has held several senior level claims positions in domestic personal lines. He was named to his current position in 2005. Mr Porcari is a graduate of the University of Dayton and holds an MBA degree from Southern Methodist University.

Richard Woollams, president of property-casualty severity claims, has been named senior vice president and chief claims officer of AIG commercial insurance group. Mr Woollams will report to John Doyle, president of AIG commercial insurance, and to Mr Schader.

Mr Woollams joined AIG in 1997 as vice president in AIG technical services where he managed excess casualty claims. He was named president of domestic property-casualty severity claims in 2001. Mr Woollams is a graduate of Kent State University and holds a Juris Doctor degree from Cleveland State University.