AIG Executive Liability, a division of the property-casualty insurance subsidiaries of American International Group, has announced that it is using the AIG eDelivery system to issue policies and endorsements to brokers.

AIG eDelivery is an internet-based system that allows brokers to track submissions, organize and download policies and endorsements. The company said that the communication between the broker and the underwriter will improve using AIG eDelivery because contact information will be provided along with details of a submission or policy.

The ability to access the submissions, policies and endorsements from any computer with internet access will simplify brokers’ interaction with AIG Executive Liability. Lastly, brokers will have the ability to quickly access an archive of all policies they have issued and all submissions that have been entered into the AIG eDelivery system.

John Doyle, president and CEO of AIG Executive Liability, said: Electronic issuance of policies and endorsements benefits our customers by offering efficiency and accuracy with document transactions and benefits the environment by going paperless. AIG eDelivery will also help the environment by saving approximately 15 tons of paper and reducing CO2 emissions by 40,000 pounds annually.