American International Group's (AIG) technology-focused subsidiary formerly operating under the Hamilton USA brand has a new name, Blackboard.

Hamilton USA was part of Hamilton Insurance Group. AIG announced plans to purchase the unit in May and the $110m acquisition deal closed on Oct. 2.

Blackboard aims to reimagine and transform commercial insurance via digital technology, data analytics, and automation.

AIG said the new name represents a clean slate and establishes an alternative option for those in the industry who seek to work together to leave behind the burden of inefficient, manual processes and outdated systems.

The company will help clients and brokers move faster and with more insight.

Blackboard will be run as a startup, backed by AIG’s resources. Its platform will launch in the second half of 2018.

Blackboard US Holdings CEO Seraina Macia said: “Our name acknowledges that there will be many advances in data and technology, and Blackboard will be the place where our people, clients, and brokers collaborate continuously to find better ways of doing business and to transform the insurance experience.

“Blackboard is a key part of AIG’s strategy to grow our business with the greatest competitive advantage and ability to serve our clients, today and into the future.”


Image: Blackboard’s CEO Seraina Macia. Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire.