Agrica Group, a French provider of personal protection coverage to agricultural sector, has selected Cameleon Software to simplify its sales process.

According to Cameleon, its software will enable Agrica to propose modular solutions. It will facilitate sales process for Agrica’s offerings both through online platforms and in branch offices, by creating proposals for each customer at right price point and coverage that meet their specific needs.

The Cameleon software when integrated directly with Agrica’s IT system, wil serve as a common tool for product information and quote generation for savings, personal protection and health coverage solutions.

The company said that marketing department can now custom-design new products, define corresponding rates, and establish sales scripts for deployment across entire sales network or internet.

In addition, Cameleon software is also deployed on Agrica’s website, which will serve as a virtual advisor, guiding customers online to select right product for them.

Pierre Blachon, vice president of policy management services at Agrica Group, said: “Because each customer has his or her own needs, we must offer personalized proposals and products. To achieve this goal, we considered it necessary to rethink our overall commercial approach. This provided the impetus for adopting a solution to harmonize and simplify our methods.”