French insurer AGF has teamed up with a domestic epilepsy association to developer fairer conditions and opportunity for sufferers of the disease seeking life insurance.

According to the French insurer, it is extremely difficult for French citizens living with chronic disease to get life insurance and on the rare occasion when it is offered it is on unaffordable terms. As result a number of aspects of modern life, such as getting insurance to cover property purchases, are denied to those with chronic disease.

AGF is now partnering with the Bureau Francais de l’Epilepsie in order to give epileptics access to fair conditions. The collaborators are sharing the results of scientific analyses, so as to define optimum premium and risk levels.

AGF, a member company of the Allianz group, wants ultimately to achieve the goal of enabling most people with a chronic disease to get insurance. In addition to its new partnership to improve conditions for epilepsy sufferers, AGF has already met several similar agreements with other patient associations, for example, for people with diabetes, with chronic inflammatory digestive diseases or with kidney disease.