Dispatch of complimentary Lyft rides boosts customer satisfaction and give insurers greater flexibility in accident claims management


Agero partners with Lyft. (Credit: Pixabay/Daniel Reche.)

Agero, the leading provider of driver assistance services, today announced it has enhanced its digital accident claims management platform to include a new rideshare option for insurers interested in offering alternative transportation to policyholders involved in an accident. The new option – serviced by transportation network company Lyft – complements existing rental car provisions on many policies to significantly improve flexibility for insurers, while also boosting customer satisfaction. Participating insurers can now offer alternative transportation from the scene of an accident, or at any point during the repair process.

“The time and complexity of vehicle repairs has been steadily growing, and the pandemic has only increased the time it takes to get a car involved in an accident back on the road,” notes Steve Medeiros, VP Client Services, Agero. “Ride dispatch with Lyft gives insurers a transportation alternative to the daily rate of a rental car and the inconvenience and COVID-related safety concerns associated with riding with the tow truck driver in the passenger seat, improving both cost control and policyholder experience.”

As part of the new service, insurers can extend to policyholders a Lyft ride from the accident location to the repair shop or other desired locations. Agero agents will arrange for the rides, offering policyholders a concierge-style experience. Insurers can control program limits, such as ride cost or distance, and use it to supplement or replace rental car provisions, as desired. Agero will continue to dispatch any towing, or connect the driver to emergency 911 services, as necessary, such as in the case of automatic crash notification where the driver does not respond.

“At Lyft, our mission continues to be improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation,” said Matt Doherty, Head of Automotive at Lyft. “Accidents are inevitably stressful events, and we’re pleased to continue partnering with Agero to provide a better experience for consumers during this stressful time. And with our Health Safety Program, which establishes new requirements to help protect riders and drivers, policyholders can feel even more confident that their safety is our priority.”

Agero and Lyft’s partnership to transform, modernize and streamline the roadside assistance experience for potentially millions of drivers was initially announced last year as part of Agero’s Roadside product. This new option extends the Lyft alternative transportation experience beyond typical breakdown events, such as dead batteries, flat tires or mechanical issues, to include vehicles involved in an accident.

In addition to Agero’s digital accident management platform, alternative transportation will also be available through integrations with Guidewire ClaimCenter. The new service is available immediately, and Agero has already been piloting the alternative transportation with select insurance carriers nationwide.

Source: Company Press Release