Agent Support Group, a multi-company life insurance brokerage agency with offices in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey, launched an innovative new mobile app called ASG One Click.

This innovative Mobile App will provide Term and Universal Life quotes, industry news, financial calculators, underwriting and risk assessment guides, current annuity interest rates, podcasts and more. "ASG’s objective is to enhance the advisor/client experience by providing efficient and faster sales support" said Sam Kaufman, President of ASG.

On the golf course, in a restaurant or in a plane, life insurance advisors will have the ability to provide a client with an instant quote, determine risk class and obtain an application with one click on their Smartphone or mobile tablet.

The mobile app will allow the life insurance advisor to easily and effectively respond to a client – taking less time to complete the sale. The advisor can even make that important lunch or dinner reservation using ASG One Click.

AGENT SUPPORT GROUP, founded in 1973, is one of the largest life brokerage agencies on the East Coast. From its inception, ASG has been an innovator in bringing technology to the life insurance professional. Mobility continues ASG’s "Our Vision/Your Future" strategy for providing life insurance professionals with unique tools to make them more productive.

ASG’s One Click Mobile App is available for download onto smartphone’s, tablets and Android by searching under, ASG Life at the App Store.