Agencyport Software has released BookSmart 2.3, which is the latest version of the company’s automated solution for migrating entire books of business.

The enhanced software platform supports Workers Compensation and allows comp carriers in any state to respond to independent agent book roll requests, rate and underwriting book analytics and internal policy system data migrations in a more timely and efficient manner.

The company implemented ACORD XML schema for workers compensation and extended it to handle carrier-unique requirements for building the fundamental data model for book migration.

The company said that the new version provides new functionality at all supported lines of business for creating charts and graphs to depict all risks linked with a book of business, and also enables users with a visual representation of existing data.

The platform also allows for a method of reporting on risks that are not importable with the provision of separating automatically the failed books during the importing process and allowing for quicker resolutions of the errors.

BookSmart 2.3 is interoperable with Agencyport’s newly-launched Turnstile, which is a SaaS-based product for converting data from ACORD PDF files into ACORD XML.

The new BookSmart platform handles data sent in XML, ACORD AL3, EXCEL, or PDF formats through an agent or via Transformation Station/TransactNOW.