Ageas UK has implemented and gone live with Quindell Portfolio’s Napier rating and underwriting engine.

Quindell has partnered with Ageas to provide their insurance advisors with an automated premium calculator to calculate net premium and commission charges for Ageas 50 motor product that includes two consumer brands, RIAS and Castle Cover.

The technology will support all insurers’ needs for underwriting, policy and claims, including telematics based insurance, said Quindell.

The implementation takes on-line rating factors from RIAS’ legacy application and sends them to Napier rating and underwriting engine for re-calculation without making changes to the legacy system itself.

Quindell said its Napier technology will be extended across both motor and household products for RIAS and Castle Cover brands.

Ageas UK CEO Andy Watson has said that Quindell have stood up to the challenge of implementing the technology into the company’s production environment in a short timescale and within budget.

"We are delighted with the results so far and look forward to further success as we roll out the solution across other lines of business," Watson added.