According to Ageas Insurance, the home insurance products have been designed to give a choice of cover options to Post Office’s customers


Ageas enters into home insurance partnership with UK-based Post Office Insurance. (Credit: Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

Belgian insurer Ageas Insurance has signed a five-year partnership with UK-based Post Office Insurance to provide a variety of home insurance products to the latter’s new and existing customers.

According to Ageas Insurance, the products have been designed to give a choice of cover options to Post Office’s customers.

The Belgian insurance company said that the new home insurance products are built from scratch and will provide three different levels of cover, Gold, Silver and Bronze to the customers.

All the three covers are claimed to be supported by a data driven, reduced question set, and a clear policy wording.

Post Office Insurance managing director Ed Dutton said: “We have a close and enduring partnership with Ageas built up over many years and so we knew they were the people who could make insurance easy for our customers.

“For us this isn’t just a new range of products it’s a completely different approach as we’ve now got an Ageas trained in-house team to deliver our customer sales and service.”

Details of the three home insurance covers offered by the partnership

The Gold product is said to provide the most comprehensive level of cover, giving policy holders up to £1m of buildings and £100k of contents cover with certain enhanced insurance benefits.

Silver comes with the same buildings cover but with £80k of contents cover. Bronze, on the other hand, offers customers up to £750k of buildings cover and up to £50k of contents cover.

Ageas Insurance said that the three cover levels also include access to a legal helplines service which will give advice for dealing with a variety of topics.

The Belgian insurance company said that there are two other products that a customer can select for extra cover, in the form of Home Emergency and Family Legal Protection.

Ageas Insurance chief customer officer Ant Middle said: “Post Office Insurance is a well-known brand and we’re proud to be chosen as its trusted partner to continue to deliver its home insurance proposition. The teams on both sides have worked tremendously hard to create a fresh portfolio of products that make home insurance easy for Post Office customers.”

Apart from the core home insurance product underwritten by Ageas Insurance, Post Office is said to partner with various businesses to support its customers at all points.

Included among its partners are Premium Credit, which will offer the premium finance offering, FirstSource for providing a new dedicated contact centre, and DAS UK for underwriting and servicing refreshed ancillary products with improved cover levels.