Aflac, a provider of guaranteed-renewable insurance in the US, has unveiled an enhanced life insurance policy that provides policyholders with extra benefits and an ability to take their policies with them if they change jobs.

According to Aflac, the policy enhancements include increased policy face amount offering coverage of up to $250,000 of whole, 10-year term, 20-year term and 30-year term life products for policyholders between ages of 18 and 50; and matching life insurance spouse rider has been extended to match the length of primary policyholder’s term.

In addition, the policy features extended issue age with face amounts of up to $100,000, have been extended to age 70; term life with return of premium policy available only to nonsmokers through payroll deduction; and portability offering life insurance policies with no increase premiums even if policyholders change jobs or retire.

Karen Riedel, second vice president of product marketing at Aflac, said: “Millions of families do not have adequate coverage and don’t seek it out simply because they haven’t gotten around to it or don’t understand the product designs. In the face of a new economy with limited job security and mounting financial burdens, Aflac life insurance policies are available to fit most budgets.”