Aflac, the leading provider of voluntary insurance at the work site in the United States, announced today that it is introducing One Day Pay, a trailblazing initiative that allows the company to receive, process, approve and disburse payment to policyholders for eligible claims within just one business day.

If Aflac policyholders follow a few simple steps, they can receive their benefits faster than ever before.

"When Aflac was founded 60 years ago, we made a promise to each of our policyholders to be there with a payment in the event of a covered illness or accident," said Dan Amos, chairman and chief executive officer at Aflac.

"Aflac’s One Day Pay initiative is our way of saying that no matter what gets in your way, trips you up or slows you down, getting claims processed and paid won’t be one of them. We continue to proudly stand behind the fact that no one processes and pays claims faster than Aflac."

The company is not only processing claims faster, but also simplifying the claims submission process for policyholders.

Aflac SmartClaim, the company’s online claims submission system, removes the guesswork for policyholders and provides easy-to-answer questions to guide users step-by-step through the process.

Once the questions are answered, SmartClaim identifies the supporting documents the policyholder needs to upload. With a few clicks of a mouse, the claim is submitted and processing begins.

SmartClaim submission is available for all types of individual Accident, Cancer, Hospital and Sickness; Hospital Indemnity, Intensive Care and Specified Health Event claims – regardless of whether they are simple, moderate or complex claims.