Affiliated FM, a member of the FM Global Group and a commercial property insurer, has introduced a new green coverage endorsement to its proVision all-risk property policy.

The company has said that the green endorsement provides flexible coverage for the additional costs of repairing, replacing or rebuilding damaged property using environmentally responsible practices, green alternatives and to whatever level of green standards a policyholder chooses.

The endorsement limit, which has no built in sub-limits, also covers the potential increased time and associated business interruption that may occur when undertaking green, sustainable practices and securing third-party certification from green authorities.

As claimed by Affiliated FM, the new coverage also includes, additional costs to replace damaged roofs with green roofing systems, including vegetative roofing systems; additional costs for the green removal, disposal and recycling of damaged property; air flushing with 100% outside air for establishing healthy indoor building environments, replacement filtration media for ventilation systems; and costs to hire an accredited green consultant to assist in green design and reconstruction.