Aetna has signed an agreement with the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) to provide access to health coverage for chamber members and their families.

As per terms of the accord, USHCC members can access individual plans including those offered in Aetna’s standard plans along with new consumer portal for online services and a member assistance programme.

The members of USHCC will also have access to a variety of plan options including PPO-style plans, high-deductible health plans, preventive and hospital plans and an optional dental PPO plan.

Additionally, Aetna will provide value-added options to assist individuals to better manage work and life issues for USHCC members as well as Vital Savings by Aetna discount cards for Dental and Pharmacy services.

Moreover, USHCC members can access new consumer portal for online quoting and rating along with telephonic access to Aetna sales representatives.

The individual plans will be employed initially in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas, US following the expansion to more than 200 local chambers in US.