Aetna, a US-based medical insurance provider, has teamed up with The Company for Cooperative Insurance (Tawuniya) to offer its Pacific Prime clients in Saudi Arabia with new medical insurance options.

The new medical insurance coverage will be applicable for clients living in Saudi Arabia and Saudi citizens living elsewhere in the world.

Under the deal, Aetna will provide cooperative cover for around 80,000 Saudi students studying in the US on scholarships provided by the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission, whereas Tawuniya will provide cover to students returning back to Saudi.

The partnership will supplement Tawyniya’s global coverage for the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It will also provide Tawuniya’s members access to Aetna’s network of over 100,000 hospital and doctors globally.

According to Pacific Prime analysts, the partnership will expand Aetna’s medical portfolio in the Middle East, which has increased by 35% in 2012.