Aetna and Starr Property & Casualty Insurance (China) Company launched the redesigned UltraCare, a series of products that help expatriates based in China as well as Chinese nationals, access high-quality health care that better addresses their medical needs.

Expatriates and Chinese nationals will have access to in-country and global coverage, including an optional United States offering through four flexible, affordable health plans. These plans are UltraCare Standard, UltraCare Select, UltraCare Comprehensive and UltraCare Elite.

UltraCare is underwritten by Starr China, a company possessing an A- (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best Company, and administered by Aetna (Shanghai) Enterprise Service Co. Ltd., an Aetna company in the Aetna International business.

"In response to the Chinese government’s call for better commercial health insurance products, and in recognition of the huge unmet needs from consumers, we have upgraded UltraCare to ensure it remains the market-leading product for health coverage and proactive health management at a competitive price," said Dr. Yehong Zhang, general manager of Aetna International, Greater China. "With UltraCare, we are delivering a flexible and customizable product that appeals to both expatriates and Chinese nationals while providing the strength and peace of mind of a global health care network."

Highlighted benefits of UltraCare include coverage for cancer treatment including palliative care, congenital conditions, and vision and hearing tests, as well as increased dental limits and outpatient benefits. The plan helps members, together with their health care provider, to proactively manage their health and wellbeing through the addition of health management solutions.

Other key features include coverage of up to RMB35m on UltraCare Elite plan, coverage in a medical emergency for evacuation and repatriation in all four plans, compassionate emergency visit on UltraCare Comprehensive and UltraCare Elite to visit a close family member who is critically ill or has died, free coverage for second, third and fourth child up to age 18, optional maternity plan and Red24 worldwide travel security advice and assistance.

"We are proud to partner with Aetna International to offer comprehensive health insurance solutions within China and to provide our customers with convenience and security," commented Xiao Chen, president & general manager of Starr China.

All aspects of policy issuing, claims assessment and payments are handled in China as well as bilingual staff service for both international and local customers.