Aequitas Automotive, a niche insurance provider, is planning to unveil its new insurance product distribution service, online system, in the UK for motor dealers, insurance brokers and affinity partners in the country.

Expanding its wholesale product distribution and solutions, the company said that it will offer retailers with access to an array of policies and opportunities to increase consumer choice and profitability.

The company, which is known for its Easy Gap, Gap Insurance 123 and brands in the Guaranteed Asset Protection retail market, has provided the first details on a wholesale distribution facility, slatted to launch in the next few weeks.

Commenting on the new facility Aequitas Automotive director Mark Griffiths said that the new facility will provide unique access to a range of niche insurance products, such as Gap Insurance, Tyre Insurance, Scratch and Dent Insurance and Motor Warranty.

"Whilst the array of products may already be available for motor dealers through other sources, there is one key difference. This comes in the choices that the new BMPro system can offer.

"The new BMPro system will provide a motor dealer, insurance broker or leasing company with access to a range of products. This will give opportunity to find the best product for the consumer rather than trying to get the consumer to fit the only product on offer," Griffiths added.

The company further said that the new system will also cater access to specialist cover for high risk vehicles such as pretige brands and motorbikes, and those used for chauffeur, driving schools, courier and taxi work.

"In the opinion of Aequitas Automotive the BMPro system will be unique in the market, as it will offer an almost unlimited choice to those who use it," the company said.