Aegon Scottish Equitable has announced a range of improvements to its Critical Illness proposition. The company will add five more illnesses, taking the total number of conditions covered to 36.

The enhanced product covers – rheumatoid arthritis, encephalitis, open heart surgery, primary pulmonary hypertension, and systemic lupus erthematosous.

In addition, the company has improved three illness definitions to ABI+, making four in total. The three conditions include coma, heart attack, and third degree burns.

Aegon Scottish Equitable has also extended the maximum term on its guaranteed rates from 25 to 40 years. Guaranteed rates have also been introduced for stand-alone Critical Illness cover with no premium increases throughout the lifetime of the policy.

Rod McKie, head of marketing for individual protection at Aegon Scottish Equitable, said: These improvements to our overall proposition will certainly help position Aegon Scottish Equitable as one of the leading providers of individual protection.