Aegon Direct & Affinity Marketing Services (ADAMS) has been rebranded as Aegon Insights to better showcase its enhanced use and application of data, delivering a deeper insight into customers and their channel preferences.

As one of Asia's leading insurance marketing consultancy companies, the new Aegon Insights will continue with the mission of helping its business partners create more customer value, but according to Mr. Richard Ng, President, it was time for a change.

Ng said: “We've always been a customer-centric organization.

“But as our approach has become more dynamic and in-tune with customer preferences, the time is right to highlight our evolution as a more data-driven organization. We are now providing our business partners with even deeper insight into their customers' behavior, and our new name is a reflection of that."

Also behind the new name is a highly qualified team of data scientists who work to turn information and intelligence into actionable insights, paving the way for a more relevant, meaningful customer experience during the insurance purchase journey.

Aegon Insights Customer Analytics & Behavioral Insights regional director Dr. Hongjuan Liu said: “Instead of just analyzing data reactively, we proactively apply our insights to guide us in designing the customer journey, making sure every contact experience leaves customers feeling heard and in control."

The cornerstone of Aegon Insights is Aegon IRIS, a proprietary, end-to-end platform that provides data-driven omni-channel insurance distribution.

Ng added: “With Aegon IRIS, we help our partners to listen to customers, understand their protection needs and create customized journeys via their preferred channels, keeping the focus on the quality of the experience itself."