Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC) and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), have entered into strategic partnership to offer their customers with insurance and banking solutions.

ADCB will provide new technological, internet banking and cash management solutions to ADNIC, while ADNIC will offer its banc assurance products to all ADCB’s commercial customers.

Under this mutual partnership, ADCB and ADNIC will offer quality customer service and value to ensure that both their customers have consistent support and positive experience with their banking and insurance services.

ADCB will provide ADNIC with an array of services to include medical claim payments, collections of premiums, detailed reporting and management of post dated checks.

Through this partnership, ADNIC can access the services on ADCB’s internet banking as well as host-to-host channels. The insurance company offers their bank assurance products through ADCB SME channel.

ADNIC CEO Walid Sidani said this partnership is aligned with ADNIC’s strategic pillar of being ‘customer centric’ to provide better services to our valued customers.