UK car insurance provider Admiral Group has reported enhanced levels of customer insight thanks to Verint Systems' Speech Analytics platform.

The insurance firm also used Verint Quality Management (QM) and Call Recording solutions.

Using the integrated recording and speech engine to capture and analyse inbound and outbound calls, Admiral Group continues to gain a deeper understanding of the customer journey to identify training needs, improve operational efficiencies, and ultimately deliver an enhanced customer experience.

As one of the UK’s largest car insurance providers with market share across four brands—Admiral, Bell, Diamond and Elephant—Admiral Group operates several customer-facing contact departments. Based in South Wales, the group also has offices in Bangalore, Delhi and in Halifax, Canada.

All contacts throughout the policy lifecycle are handled by the relevant department, from initial policy quotation and acceptance through renewal, claims and all manner of customer service queries in between.

Admiral Group wanted to better understand the customer journey to identify the root causes of calls, drawing on customer insights, such as the reasons prompting calls and actions.

Given the organisation’s long-standing relationship with Verint, it was able to swiftly add speech analytics to its recording and QM investment, enabling two of its contact departments to leverage the solution to bring added value across the business.

Admiral Group customer insight manager Leeanne Harvey, shares, “Thanks to our connection and the technology, we have a more intelligent, faster and accurate way to analyse customer calls.

“Admiral has gained new levels of customer insight with solutions that include speech analytics, QM and call recording from Verint, enabling us to better understand the extent of potentially avoidable calls that we were receiving and the pain points in the customer journey, as well as increase visibility into the wider, ‘softer’ conversations with customers.

“In addition, the next-generation speech analytics has replaced multiple, overlapping labour-intensive processes, such as manually sourcing calls by type, and that has contributed to a dramatic reduction in the staffing resources required.”

“Speech analytics has also allowed us to identify training needs, and test average call handling times and process differences across sites. Given how easy the Verint solution is to use, we are able to further save on resources

“With central reporting for all queries and results now enabled, department findings are shared within the respective areas on a monthly basis, and overall analysis is consolidated for sharing with the wider business each quarter. This has created a more streamlined, accelerated and accurate picture of Admiral Group’s performance.”

Verint EMEA managing director Nick Nonini commented: “Building further on our existing relationship with Admiral Group is enormously satisfying for us.

“By giving the insurer the technological capabilities to gain deeper insights and improve customer journeys, we’re contributing to the delivery of a next-generation customer experience.”

Admiral Group has been leveraging the Verint software since 2014.