ACE Global Markets, a provider of insurance and reinsurance services, has appointed Malcolm Brett as product line head of aviation. John Green, former product line head of Aviation, will remain with the company as director of aviation.

Richard Pryce, president at ACE UK, said: “Malcolm has held the position of ACE global markets Aviation underwriting director for the last five years and with 28 years experience, is well known throughout the aviation market. In his new role, Malcolm will report to Matthew Shaw, chief underwriting officer.

John has 43 years experience of aviation underwriting, and thanks to his leadership, AGM is a recognized market leader in the aviation business. Although John has now decided to stand down as product line head, given his considerable experience and market profile, we are pleased to announce that he will remain with the company. Malcolm has worked alongside John for many years and as he takes over the helm, this will ensure a smooth transition for clients and brokers alike.”