ACE Group, a global multiline property and casualty insurer, has rolled out its new and improved risk management plan for companies in Continental Europe, to support the evolving casualty needs of middle-market businesses.

Dubbed as ACE Global Export Protection, the new protection policy offers customized and flexible export liability coverage for firms that supply products from their manufacturing hubs in Continental Europe, including Central and Eastern Europe.

Designed to fulfill the demand of various industries, including heavy and light manufacturing, food and drink, and consumer goods, the plan offers coverage for businesses with revenues of under and up to €1bn, and for selected larger companies on a case-by-case basis.

ACE continental Europe president Jeff Moghrabi said, "Many middle-market businesses across Continental Europe are expanding their export footprint in the search for revenue growth. However with the many opportunities come risks.

"ACE Global Export Protection has been designed to help exporters capitalise on the opportunities while navigating the liabilities with confidence, wherever they do business."

Besides catering 24/7 emergency assistance in the event of an alleged export product incident, ACE Global Export Protection delivers a pre-event risk management advice service, allowing companies to have pre-incident discussions with expert risk consultants to produce effective crisis plans.

Furthermore, it also offers catastrophe management coverage, in collaboration with expert consultants red24assist, to offer advance pre-event advice and 24/7 incident assistance through ACE’s Catastrophe Management Endorsement.

In combination with local ACE casualty underwriting teams, the company is planning to launch country-specific offerings, tailored for each of ACE’s key markets in Continental Europe.

Headquartered in Paris, ACE’s Continental European operation has a physical presence in 19 nations and benefits from the expertise of over 1,000 colleagues in 40 offices.