Multi-line property and casualty insurer ACE Group is offering a new comprehensive foreign package, named ACE Educators International Advantage Edge, to address risk management and insurance needs of education industry clients who travel worldwide.

The new offering will provide coverage to board members, trustees and student teachers who travel abroad on behalf of educational institution and losses incurred overseas, besides general liability and business personal property.

The coverage will also include the property of the insured and property in their custody while traveling globally, apart from general liability & contingent auto liability.

ACE multinational client group senior vice president Tim Benson said the company’s goal in adding this new coverage is to help provide protection and mitigate international travel risks for educators, students, and their chaperones studying abroad.

"Administrators and academics have responded to the globalization of industry and commerce by designing coursework to help students understand, navigate and thrive in a global economy," Benson added.

ACE Foreign Casualty senior vice president Bryan Tedford said, "This coverage allows us to offer an ideal insurance product for risks that range from simple trip travel exposures to complex, multinational exposures – all of which may be faced by educators providing coursework that will ultimately help their students become competitive in the global marketplace."