ACE Insurance has introduced a new insurance product, to offer home insurance combined with personal insurance coverage in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The newly launched product, dubbed ACE Home Guard, features a protection plan, which saves the insured’s home property, in addition to offering protection in case of personal injury or disability.

ACE Home Guard also provides the policy holders with an option to make a claim following physical damage to the property or when they are unable to live at their residence due to some circumstances.

ACE Asia Pacific Accident & Health vice president and underwriting manager Marcello Nusiner said the new product is innovative as it effectively combines the best of personal protection with coverage for personal property.

”As risks grow, our goal is to stay competitive by monitoring lifestyle and market trends so that we develop useful and affordable protection to meet the diverse risk mitigation needs of consumers,” Nusiner added.

According to the company, the ACE Home Guard is a feasible solution for uninsured individuals, or those who have inadequately insure their personal possessions and/or place of residence.