ACE USA has spun off its new Occupational Accident Policy with optional Contingent Liability Coverage, which will provide broad and flexible coverage for motor carriers.

The insurance policy has been developed for motor carriers, which offers high-quality occupational accident coverage to drivers under contract with the motor carrier, who is not required by law to carry workers compensation coverage.

ACE accident & health division president Joe Vasquez said for owner-operators and their families, the personal and financial impact of an accident while working under contract can be devastating.

"ACE’s Occupational Accident policy enables carriers to offer broad and flexible coverage, which can be tailored to respond to unique business risks, and enables the carrier to protect, retain, and attract owner-operators," Vasquez added.

The company also provides a Contingent Liability option that offers important protection if a contracted Independent Operator purchasing Occupational Accident insurance attempts to obtain an award from the carrier’s workers compensation policy.

The coverage includes workers compensation reimbursement benefits, employers’ liability benefits, as well as reasonable defense costs and expenses related to a covered contingency.