Accenture (ACN) has launched the newest release of Accenture Duck Creek Claims designed to help property and casualty insurers process claims more quickly and efficiently and improve customer satisfaction.

Accenture Duck Creek Claims creates a new level of efficiency for claim adjusters through an improved user experience and faster reaction times. New features include:

Pulse, a new work management tool that ‘pulses’ priority alerts out to adjusters and other claims professionals, enabling them to shift between constantly changing priorities. The increased focus on priority tasks helps improve customer satisfaction and meet regulatory and litigation requirements.

A simplified user experience focusing on easily accessible claims information through streamlined navigation of the claims process. With a clear view of every step, adjusters are less likely to make errors that could result in greater expense to the company.

New application configuration tools to help reduce implementation time and efforts associated with rolling out new product lines in claims.

Configuration operations dashboards, another new feature that uses a simplified interface to allow greater visibility into the runtime execution of common claims activities including extension points, rules and expressions. This enables business users to quickly access relevant information and make changes as needed.

New upgrade tools that help lower implementation costs and give insurers a clear migration path to future versions of the solution. The tools feature impact analysis views that provide the ability to assess the potential impact of upgrade changes based on functional area.

"Customer service in the event of a loss is often a make or break opportunity for any insurance company," said Michael A. Jackowski, global managing director of Accenture Duck Creek. "Our team is constantly looking at how technology can improve the user experience for both insurers and policyholders in these situations. We have enhanced our Accenture Duck Creek Claims software so that our clients can have a smooth, fast end-to-end claims management process that results in a quick and fair resolution and more satisfied customers."

The Accenture Duck Creek Suite includes Duck Creek Policy, Billing, and Claims solutions, which can be implemented individually or as part of a broader migration strategy.

The suite is designed to help property and casualty insurers of all sizes improve customer service and lower costs by enabling them to configure products, transact lines of business and process claims more efficiently.