The Association of British Insurers has set up a task force designed to look into helping older consumers shop around for travel and motor insurance.

The task force will recommend how to implement a system to help older consumers get the insurance products that they need.

The task force will be chaired by Keith Morris, chairman of Sabre Insurance, which specializes in insuring older drivers. As well as Association of British Insurers (ABI) members, the group’s membership will include The British Insurance Brokers Association, Age Concern, Help the Aged and Citizens Advice.

Insurers are meeting the rising demand for insurance from older customers, and it is now widely available. ABI research shows four out of five older people can buy it without difficulty. But more can still be done, said Stephen Haddrill, ABI director general, launching the task force at a joint ABI/Age Concern/Help the Aged seminar.

For a minority, finding the right insurance can be a challenge. The task force will be consulting widely to develop a system so that older customers can easily shop around for the cover they need, he continued.