The commitments made by the ABI members during the prevailing coronavirus outbreak are said to be based on the guidance issued by the UK Financial Conduct Authority


ABI announces Insurer commitments on motor and home insurance amid coronavirus outbreak. (Credit: Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) said that it is giving reassurance to people that its motor and home insurance members are providing improved help and support to all their customers who could be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In this connection, the association has committed to a series of steps, which includes waiving of any requirements for extending cover for certain important workers who may have to drive to different locations.

The commitments have been made based on the guidance issued by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

People looking to help those impacted by the coronavirus outbreak and office workers who have to work from home among others will also have extended cover.

ABI motor and home insurers said that its insurer members have implemented business continuity plans and are closely working with service providers to do whatever possible in the present environment to continue to handle claims and support their customers.

ABI’s reassurances to customers amid the coronavirus outbreak

According to the association, for office-based workers who have to work from home due to government advice or because they have to self-isolate, will not see any impact on their home insurance cover.

For people who use their own car for voluntary reasons like the supply of medicines or groceries to serve those affected by coronavirus will also not see any effect on their cover.

The ABI said that for people whose work is critical to the UK’s response to coronavirus and have to use their own car to drive to various locations for work will not have their cover affected.

In all cases related to coronavirus, the association said that people impacted by the infection need not contact their insurer for updating their documents or for extending their cover.