American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) has announced new filings of Unmanned Aircraft Liability Coverage forms and rules in its Agricultural General Liability Program (AgGL) in response to consumer demand for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) coverage.

AAIS says it also filed a new Personal & Advertising Injury Liability Aircraft Exclusion created to address new liability exposures associated with UAS technology.

The insurance company states that the new AgGL Unmanned Aircraft Coverage endorsements are currently approved in 34 states.

AAIS’ new endorsements were created in anticipation of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) long-awaited Final sUAS Regulations for small commercial UAS (under 55 pounds). The new regulations were published June 21 and will become effective Aug. 29.

According to AAIS, this ruling is expected to significantly impact the farm and agriculture business, as it is the fastest-growing commercial sector using drones. The soon-to-be-effective sUAS FAA regulations allow farm/agriculture operations to monitor from a maximum of 400 feet.

AAIS will also soon be releasing additional forms and rules for UAS, including the following:

  • A new Farmowners filing of Unmanned Aircraft Liability Coverage forms and rules and new aircraft exclusions under Personal Injury and Personal & Advertising Injury Liability; and
  • Unmanned Aircraft forms for Farm Umbrella (personal and commercial), as well as Agricultural Umbrella Liability coverage forms.

Under the new FAA rules, a person operating a small unmanned aircraft must either hold a remote pilot airman certificate with a small unmanned aircraft rating or be under the direct supervision of a person who does hold a remote pilot certificate. A licensed pilot may obtain a temporary remote pilot certificate immediately upon submission of the application.