A new study has revealed that around 8.4 million motor insurance policies are at risk of application fraud in the UK, according to LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

The research study has determined that around one third (35%) of insured motorists conceive that it is acceptable to exclude or adjust data to reduce their motor insurance premiums on application.

LexisNexis study indicated that the scale of application fraud could be higher than the 212,000 annually detected cases with potentially up to 8.4 million policies.

Since 2013, the number of insured motorists who conceive that some level of potentially fraudulent behaviour is acceptable to get a cheaper insurance quote has increased from 26% to 35%.

In addition, the number of drivers that believe any omission or adjustment of information is acceptable when applying for cover has also increased from 6% to 13%.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions UK and Ireland insurance managing director Bill McCarthy said: "Many consumers may not even recognise that adjusting or omitting information can constitute a type of fraud.

"It illustrates a potential disconnect between consumers and the business of insurance. This is in itself a major challenge, but also shapes how insurers should respond to the risk of consumers providing incorrect information.

"It also demonstrates the increasing importance of verified data, which can help manage risk effectively not only at underwriting, but also reduce the burden for claims teams."