4Sight Business Intelligence has launched Version 3.0 of the 4Sight business intelligence for property & casualty (BI P&C) insurance product.

The upgraded version, Version 3 will enable users to make better business decisions quickly and easily collaborate and iterate to achieve better analysis by providing tightly coupled data integration and business analytics platform.

With over 70 preconfigured reports, dashboards and hundreds of analytics, 4Sight for Property & Casualty solution provides "what-if" capabilities and ease-of-use while underwriting, claims, Billing, management, reinsurance or other areas for insurance professionals.

The enhanced version features location-based visualization analysis and enhanced analytics capabilities including Geo-mapping, heat grids, scatter/bubble chart visualizations as well as interactive visual analysis such as lasso filtering, zoom and attribute highlighting on all chart types for business users.

In addition to interactive reporting enhancements designed for non-technical users, the Version 3.0 features in-memory cache performance improvements.

Version 3.0 provides powerful data integration and federation for IT and developers, access to any data type from Excel to Hadoop, user-driven interactive reporting, interactive dashboards and intuitive web-based interactive reporting for business users.

Additional capabilities provided by Version 3.0 include point and click access to any data, web-based data access wizard for business users, rich graphical enterprise report designer for power users and web-based drag and drop dashboard designer for business users.